City project forcing annexation

To the Editor:

Troy’s Riverside Drive Phase II is forcing Staunton Township residents to annex to the city. As reported in TDN articles, the City of Troy is planning unnecessary curbs, drains, recreational trail, new water and sewer lines and mail box reconfigurations (no clusters please) between Community Park and Orchard Drive. The road surface needs repair. Not the rest of it.

Our properties (homes) are in Staunton Township, not the city. Our two biggest concerns are the new sewer with the resulting annexation to Troy, and the recreational trail. When the Troy sewer is finished, the Miami County Health District will force all the Staunton Township residents nearby to connect to the new sewer. Then the city will force us to annex to Troy — because we connected. We get no choice on connecting to the sewer and then no choice on annexation. The State of Ohio Revised Code orders us to connect. The Miami County Health Department will force the connection order as soon as the sewer is finished. Connecting is mandatory. Annexation is not! With a swipe of the pen the city could waive the annexation requirement (as detailed in an agreement between Troy and Miami County).

Then there’s the recreational trail in 12 family’s front yards — don’t need it. Traffic is very light and there’s a beautiful sidewalk and roadway in the cemetery.

We aren’t seeing much of the “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” going on here. The city can fix this. Sign the NO ANNEXATION waiver, put in the sewer and just fix the road. We’re happy like it is. Use the money for development in the city. Save the taxpayer. Save our neighborhood.

— Don Hetzler