Pushing back against cancer

Cancer is a Goliath when it comes to diseases. The rest of us are mere Davids, and all too often, we feel like we forgot to bring our slingshots. According to the National Cancer Institute, in 2018, over 1.7 million new cases of cancer were diagnosed and nearly 610,000 people died from the disease.

Although this agency also reports that cancer rates are, in general, decreasing by small percentages each year, it’s simply the word that no one wants to hear from their doctor.

Earlier this month, Pink Ribbon Girls partnered with the New Carlisle Rotary to raise money for both organizations to help fight cancer in a Push-Up Challenge. My husband had a chance to participate as part of team in this event. Pink Ribbon Girls, started right here in our area, serves not only west-central Ohio, but other parts of the nation (Kentucky, San Francisco, and Missouri). It primarily serves women and their families who are battling breast cancer and other gynecological cancers.

Teams and individuals spent two hours on a Saturday at Tecumseh Middle School doing pushups. There were special competitions, such as most one-handed push-ups, most push-ups in one minute, fastest push-up relay team, and most overall push-ups completed.

I attended to support my husband and his teammates and to take pictures of this memorable event. I’m sorry to say that I consider myself lucky to push myself out of bed each morning, so actually performing a push-up is simply not in my wheelhouse.

Teams “competed” and folks were sponsored for their push-up efforts. There were teams I didn’t recognize, but a few I did. Anytime Fitness (from Troy) was there and frankly, these people were amazing and more than fit! There was a team from NCT Technologies in New Carlisle. Apparently these folks do technology and work out in equal parts. They were pretty impressive.

Also participating was a team from 571 Grill in New Carlisle, proving that good bar food doesn’t mean you can’t do great push-ups. My husband’s team was called “Old Dogs, New Tricks.” It was fitting, because they probably averaged the oldest age of any team, but these gentlemen were remarkable with their ability to rival the younger groups.

A group of ladies who looked to be around my age were also doing a version of a push-up I’d never seen before. They simply pushed away from the wall, while standing. I say “simply,” because I tried this at home and it’s not as easy as it sounds. Anyway, they were inspiring, as well.

All these folks did all these push-ups to raise money for cancer victims and their families. We had a lot of fun watching. Matt had fun participating. His team raised nearly $1,000. The NCT team raised nearly $6,000. There were corporate sponsors, too, and I’m sure the overall tally was extraordinary.

One participant wore a shirt that said “cancer started the fight, but I will finish it.” I guess when enough Davids gather, we can beat Goliath even without our slingshots.

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