City seeks 5-year parking contract

City Hall rents 38 spaces from FUMC each year. The pending agreement is for the city to pay $17,945 for 2019 and $19,740 per year for 2020-2023 to the First United Methodist Church for use of the First Place parking lot. The total for all five years is $96,905.

TROY — The streets and sidewalks committee agreed to provide a positive recommendation for the city to enter into a five-year agreement with First United Methodist Church for use of their parking lot for employees on Tuesday.

The agreement is for the city to pay $17,945 for 2019 and $19,740 per year for 2020-2023. The total for all five years is $96,905.

According to the committee report, the city has had an agreement with the FUMC since 2004 for use of the First Place parking lot. The parking lot has 38 spaces for City Hall parking and six spaces for the Troy Area Chamber of Commerce.

The current agreement expired at the end of 2018, and city staff has been reviewing the agreement with the church. The church proposed a new use agreement.

In 2018, the city paid $15,605 for the use of the parking lot. Due to the payment over the five-year period exceeding $50,000, the city seeks council approval. An emergency designation has been requested due to the city’s continued use of the parking lot.

Chairman Bobby Phillips noted he is a member of the church and serves on the finance committee, but said he was not involved in the negotiation process with the city.

“It is a convenience for our employees, and it is something we’ve done for years, and it doesn’t add to the competition with the open parking spaces for our downtown businesses,” Phillips said. “It will keep our people off the streets, so to speak, and out of harms way.”

Committee member Brock Heath said the committee just went through the downtown parking changes and said the committee “came up with a pretty decent solution.” Heath also said it would keep 38 city employees from competing with downtown parking spaces.

Heath said the funds would support the church and the First Place Center which he said “does a phenomenal job with everything they do in the community as well.”

Committee member William Lutz asked why the city was going to a five-year agreement. Director of Public Service and Safety Patrick Titterington said city asked for the fifth year agreement for stability. A six-month notification to vacate the contract was also part of the agreement in case of church use changes, Titterington said.

President of council Marty Baker asked if the 38 spaces covered all employees from City Hall.

Titterington said the spaces were enough for city staff at City Hall.

Council will review the agreement and committee recommendation at the March 18 city council meeting.