Food fights continue

Ever since I wrote about the grocery battles between rice and cauliflower folks, I’ve been highly aware of some strange food news around our great nation.

It all started about a month ago, when a dear friend of mine gave me an article from the newspaper alerting us to a serious food-related problem. Apparently, in early December, Hershey’s kisses, without their iconic swirled tips, began to appear in several states. This was quite distressing to bakers, who naturally were creating thumbprint cookies and expected their chocolate kisses on top of said cookies to represent their baking skill. The jagged edges just weren’t doing the job!

Now, I would have just melted it a little and pinched the top. For me, the eating of the chocolate kiss is far more important than how it looks. But then, I’m not a baker renowned for my peanut butter blossoms.

According the news throughout December, bakers were not pleased with Hershey and were boycotting the kisses until the problem was resolved. Hershey announced in early February that it had changed altered some of the candy-dropping machines and that kisses would soon (though not in time for Valentine’s Day) be back to normal. Bakers were not totally satisfied and demanded an apology for having to deal with “inferior products.”

Seriously, if these chocolate drops had the same taste as the ones with the correct tip, then I am stunned at the bakers’ anger. Hershey’s kisses don’t last long enough in my candy jar for anyone to notice the tips.

In addition to their fabulous taste, I’m betting I could live in my car and outlast a snow storm if I had a sufficient number of those little silver morsels. On the other hand, in Oregon recently, Jeremy Taylor and his dog were trapped in his car in a blizzard for five days. He — and his dog — survived, and he claims it was because he had packets of taco sauce in his car.

If I became stranded, I might find a stray ketchup packet and possibly a pack of gum. I’m totally sure that taco sauce packets are sufficient to sustain life. According to MyFoodDiary, one tablespoon of taco sauce has 60 mg of sodium, 1 g of carbohydrate, and absolutely nothing else in the way of nutrition. It would require a lot of packets, but I suppose it’s possible.

Meanwhile, late last month in the Middletown area, a pet pot-bellied pig got away from home. Charlotte, a very sociable porcine, was let out of her yard by a passerby, according to the news report. While police were called and barricades put up, it turned out to be unnecessary. Charlotte’s owner was able to lure her with some “More Stuf” Oreos, put a leash on her, and return her safely home.

I’m pretty sure I could be lured back home with a few Oreos. I’d even cross the street for some Hershey’s kisses, with or without tips. But taco sauce? Sorry, that’s not going to do it for this gal!

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