Vote for change, vote for Oda

To the Editor:

Here are some things to think about before casting your vote on May 7.

Are you happy with the way things are going and have been going over the past several years in Troy? Are you happy when you drive in downtown Troy and are stuck on the square because they have gotten rid of two lanes in and two lanes out of some areas and plan on doing the single lanes in the future?

Have you parked in downtown Troy and came back to a parking ticket? (Be sure to check the sign when you get out of your car. All the spaces are different time lengths, handicap, 15-minute, 30-minute, 2-hour, 3-hour, 4-hour, and the fines $20, $50, even $100, one space, one street, that only one is a 30 minute, the rest of the street is free). Park here, said the spider to the fly; I know I will catch you.

What was the gift of free parking downtown for the holidays from November through March — then wham! It was working fine when it was free. Guess they used those five months to get their signs ready to put up. Is it going to be free parking November through March of this coming holiday season?

Our forefathers felt there was a need for two lanes in and two lanes out of that square to keep traffic flowing years ago. A roundabout at the intersection of Dorset and McKaig — I understand it is only going to be 3 inches high so truck trailers and buses can still drive over it. And did you know that it is not even going to be round? A stop light would be a lot cheaper and reconfigure that entrance on McKaig for the Troy Christian School so they have to go in and out where the rest of the school is on South Dorset and that would relieve some of that congestion on McKaig and Dorset.

A boulevard in the center of the street going out West Main Street? Really? If I am having a heart attack coming for South Dorset to the new Kettering Medical Health Center and they have to go around the block because they can’t turn left into the hospital because there’s a boulevard there … is that practical?

Let’s talk about Treasure Island. I guess we were expecting some larger venues to be there for the bandshell concerts, being that they spent millions of dollars putting it in. Were you disappointed with what there was, entertainment-wise, last year? For some reason, none of our city employees have the knowledge to make sensible decisions. Let’s have a survey done, and it will only cost $50,000, $60,000, $70,000 or $80,000 — I think I heard Mr. Titterington makes more than $100,000 a year, and he can’t make these decisions? Or is that what if what is suggested does not work, he can put the blame on the consultants, not himself?

So let’s talk about our mayoral candidates. Do you want the same as above? Status quo? A first lady for Troy who was fired from her job at the Miami County Board of Elections? I think it is time for a change — we don’t have a great choice, but pray Robin Oda will grab it and demand answers, ask questions and ask why some of these things are implemented around Troy in the future. Thank about the end results and not just now. I give her a chance. Vote Robin Oda!

— Louis Foster