Chemical spill results in no damage, injury

Mike Ullery | Miami Valley Today

Tipp City emergency crews and Miami County Hazmat work at the scne of an acid spill at the Tipp City Water Treatment Plant on Monday afternoon.

Staff report

TIPP CITY — A chemical spill at the Tipp City water treatment plant on Monday didn’t cause any damage to the plant, according to officials.

Tipp City Assistant Fire Chief Ron Haley said Monday that fluorosilicic acid, commonly used at the water treatment plant, was spilled in the back parking lot of the facility. He said the drum fell from a forklift and spilled onto the parking lot.

Haley said with the wind conditions at the time on Monday, around 10:50 a.m., the acid posed no threat to the public. He said the acid did not damage the water treatment plant, and no one was injured as the result of the spill.

The Miami County Hazmat team, along with the Tipp City Fire Department, was on the scene throughout the event, and Haley said Monday afternoon they were waiting on a clean-up company to come to remove the spill from the parking lot.

He said the spill was not a threat to the city’s water supply as water treatment plant employees were able to dam up the drains so nothing was able to enter the water system at the plant.

The area around the plant was closed for several hours while the issue was resolved, according to Haley.

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