Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information filed by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

Aug. 8

ASSAULT: A deputy was dispatched to the 7900 block of N. Alcony Conover Road, Brown Twp. in reference to an assault. Upon further investigation neither party wanted to pursue charges. Both parties requested the incident be documented.

THEFT: A deputy responded to Floral Acres Drive, Monroe Twp. for a theft complaint. Victim advised a laptop computer was stolen from her residence.

CHECK FRAUD: A deputy responded to the Paris Court Trailer Park in Piqua on a fraud complaint. The victim reported someone tried to take money out of his bank accounts by cashing fraudulent checks.

CAR ISSUE: A deputy was dispatched to Burton’s Used Cars, Troy, in reference to the unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. A deputy spoke to Steve Burton who stated that he had given a female subject permission to use the listed vehicle for a few weeks. However when Mr. Burton wanted the car returned he was unable to get in contact with her for several weeks. He stated that he has left several messages for her and he seems to think she has blocked him from her phone. Mr. Burton requested for charges to be filed in this matter.

CEASE AND DESIST: A cease and desist order was served on the construction company doing demolition on the property in the 4300 block of Casstown Clark Road, Lostcreek Twp. The order forbid them to burn trash and toxic materials on the property.

JAIL ASSAULT: A deputy was dispatched to the M.C.I.F. for an assault complaint.

DISORDERLY: Michael Talley, 36, of Troy, was cited for disorderly conduct and James Warnick, 31, of Kettering, was cited for assault at the downtown Miami County Jail.