The Amish Cook: Gloria cooks up some apple butter

Good morning from the Yoder’s home to yours. It’s Friday morning, and the children are all sound asleep, so I’m eager to seize these moments to fill you in on apple sauce day with Grandpa. Yesterday’s excitement reigned high as Grandma and Grandpa made the trip from Danville to spend time with their two sons and their families for a week. By the way, if you have the opportunity of being a grandparent, I want to encourage you as to what a blessing a grandparent can be. Even if our children have one set of grandparents living out of state, they have a very special part in each of the children’s lives. Our children love talking with Dawdys (Dutch word for grandpas) on the phone. Another dimension that is quite special to us is just to know that daily, we are in their prayers.

The Amish Cook makes upside-down chocolate fudge cake

Won’t you join us for a moment as my daughters and I go to our ladies’ tea party?

The Amish Cook: A Thanksgiving salad to please guests

As I mentioned last week, we as a church would sometimes draw names from our 18 families and single households to determine who would be gathering at which home in an attempt to have everyone involved. We never wanted anyone with no relatives or living on their own to be alone on this special day. Generally, we would have three families, and a few singles gather in a home of those who had ample space to host the event. For some, it worked best to have it in their shed or shop.

The Amish Cook: Thanksgiving approaches

Thanksgiving has always been a highlight in our house. As a little girl, my mom would always cook up a big meal, and without fail, we’d have guests at our home unless we had received an invitation to join another family. Sometimes when the holiday season rolled around, we as church families would draw names to decide who would be gathering in whose home. That way, we would all have something planned, and no would be excluded, whether they had relatives here or not.

The Amish Cook: Aunt Gloria heads to Tennessee

You know the apprehension of waiting, the stress of not knowing how things will turn out?

The Amish Cook: A lemon pudding treat

When I asked Julia what I should write about in the column, she immediately popped up with, “About our trip to town with Montana!”

The Amish Cook: The Yoders go home to school

I’ll stick with my promise and fill you in on our homeschooling days, or perhaps I should say “moments.” It seems that though I try to stay with routines, my days pass, taking a moment at a time trying to keep things as calm and cool as possible.

The Amish Cook: Gloria’s great pumpkin recipes

As crispy coolness fills the air with the return of the sweet tang of apples and fresh pumpkins, there is no doubt that summer is fading into fall. At the Yoder home, this season is a welcome change. Shorter days are resulting in earlier bedtimes, steaming cozy lattes, and snuggling in fleece blankets. For the children, it’s always a highlight to wear jackets, stocking caps, and scarves for the first time. I have a couple of totes full of coats and jackets to sort through before this cold snap coming up this weekend. No doubt I’ll have helpers on all sides who will be convinced they’ll be able to fit into every other garb.

The Amish Cook: Gloria’s Apple Goodie Goodness

It’s early in the morning. I was up with two of the children at 4:30; after a while, they settled down, so I decided to stay up and enjoy a few quiet hours. My usual quiet moments in the morning had fizzled out the last few weeks as the children had a little cold, just enough to disturb their sleep. At any rate, this morning I am double thankful for a refreshing night of rest. In spite of the trial of being in and out of bed all night, there is something special in spending extra time with those needing Mama. At any rate, it seems like God can use any negatives in our lives and in one way or another twist and tweak it to bring good out of it, only some days there don’t seem to be any positives in sight. But if we hang on to our faith, it does come back together again.

The Amish Cook: Chalupas add a Tex-Mex twist

Last week we talked about the little fishing trip we had for Daniel’s birthday. Now this week, I’ll fill in a bit about his birthday supper. At our house, whoever is having a birthday gets to choose his or her meal. Daniel chose one of our all-time summer favorites: chalupas. Now if you’ve never had a chance to give them a try, today may be your chance. It’s like going out in the garden, combing it, coming back to the house with all sorts of goodies, and then laying it right on top of a deep-fried tortilla along with some fried burger and cheese.