Breakfast pizza makes ideal dish for brunch crowd


Sweet tots and molasses cookies

The house is relatively quiet with several of the children taking naps and Elijah sleeping on my lap. Life certainly has been interesting these days. Elijah is slowly leaving his baby newborn stage, which almost makes me sad, yet it’s such a blessing to see him healthy and growing! He certainly is a plump little one now and still has his mop of dark brown hair. We thoroughly enjoy his sweet smiles as well as the cooing he just started with.

The Yoders go to school

“What’s the forecast for Wednesday?” We all had the same question. We were all hoping for a beautiful sunny day, perfect for our annual “school picnic.” It’s a day we all look forward to. In the forenoon, the schoolchildren in our little country school, ranging from grades 1-8, present the program they had practiced the weeks before. After a tasty meal, anyone is welcome to join in some good games of softball.

Morel mushrooms are nature’s delicious gift

As a very young girl, I recall my dad taking us children mushroom hunting. It was a highlight for all of us. I remember once when we as a family all went on a trek in the woods, 1-year-old Jeriah stood pointing at a mushroom which the adults and other children had missed. He just stood there making his grunting baby sounds at it as we all stumbled right past it in our excitement.

Pair pork with cabbage for a tasty main dish

If you’re tired of the same old vegetable side dishes, here’s a recipe that promotes the lowly red cabbage from side dish to protein partner. All you have to do is cook it up sweet and sour and — voila! — your side dish is now ready to walk down the aisle arm in arm with pork in any form: chops, smoked chops, roast, ham, Canadian bacon, kielbasa, Italian sausages. Really, there’s nothing required — no sauces, no extras — other than cooking the pork and lowering it onto the cabbage. What makes this dish such a good partner for pork? Its sourness cuts right through the meat’s natural fattiness.

Thanksgiving not as easy as pie, but still thankful

DANIEL: So we all like to make memories you know, and tonight was one of those nights, today was the last day of deer season for shotgun, so I told Julia and Austin that I would like to take them with me. Wow, excitement was in the air, they could hardly wait. I told Austin that he needs to take a little nap before we go, so that is what he did. After an hour, I woke him from his nap and told him we’re ready to go. He was all smiles and ready to roll. Gloria helped get Julia and Austin get bundled up for the cold evening, with goodbye kisses to Mama we left the house.

Serve up stress-free summer sweets

I don’t know about you all, but for me doing lots of baking in this weather and heating up the house just doesn’t seem very practical. I’d rather cut down on baked goods rather than going to too much bother on a hot day. A few days ago I told Julia we really should find the recipe we used quite frequently a year ago. This no-bake recipe was in a children’s magazine and is simple enough for a young person to make. The best thing about it is that you don’t even need to use the oven! Julia’s aunt Keturah who is an amazing baker at 12 years old, is here for the day, so this may be a good time for them to make these tasty treats.

Cozy winters with the Yoders

Winter months do have a twist all their own. For many of us Amish housewives, the quiet winter months are a time to catch up on sewing for our growing families. Just yesterday while sewing a shirt for Austin, I told Daniel who stepped in the house for a minute, “I forgot how much I enjoy sewing!” As odd as it may sound, it’s true. As a young girl, I could spend entire days, sewing dresses or coats for myself or my little sisters.

Service with a smile

TROY — On Friday nights in the fall, an optimistic voice bellows through Troy Memorial Stadium, as Mayor Michael Beamish calls each play for the Troy Trojan football team.

Yoders on the road again

It’s Sunday afternoon and were are cruising down Interstate 70, heading for Hocking Hills in Ohio. We have another 230 miles until our arrival. Yes, we’re traveling again. We’re taking the whole family; there was no one we wanted to leave back with a babysitter, so all seven of us packed up for our three day trip to Daniel’s family gathering in a large cabin tucked into the hills in Logan, Ohio.