Gloria’s got it “maid”

What is better than an ordinary everyday life? Since I’m grown and have children of my own, I can better identify with what my mother used to say. Before going away on a trip, she’d say, “I almost can’t wait to come back home again.” In my young mind, that concept didn’t make any sense at all. Now as a mom of five young children there are few things I enjoy more than a simple common life at home.

Quality time on the road

Gloria, what would be your thought about packing up and going to Ohio for a couple days?” It was my husband Daniel with one of his brainstorms. “We have some furniture that needs to be sent to Ohio this weekend, one way or another, maybe we should just hire a driver and all go rather than shipping it with a freight company.”

Finding comfort in cupcakes

I stood beside the coffin, tears streaming down my face. Not because I was upset or worried about Grandma, but because I loved her and she loved me. Even though I was only one of her 48 grandchildren besides the 54 great grandchildren, I was special to her, I knew she loved me, there was never a doubt that there was always enough love to reach around to all of us.

When life gives you lemons, make pie

EDITOR’S NOTE: Gloria Yoder’s grandmother passed away last week after battling complications from a stroke for over a week. The Yoder’s were going to host funeral services, which is a big undertaking, requiring meal-planning, accommodating out of town guests, and grieving. So Gloria is taking off from her column duties this week and will return next week. In the meantime she leaves us with this summer favorite recipe with readers A cool, refreshing treat during the Dog Days of summer!

Gloria’s grandma hangs tough

Our days are filled with their own twists and turns. Grandma (Mommy) has outlived all the guesses made by the doctors and nurses. Hospice is in and out each day since Mommy was brought home from the hospital. Over a week ago, they told us that it’ll only be hours, but still she is hanging on. Late one night, after we were all in bed and sound asleep, I was summoned to her bedside since it looked like it could be her last moments due to her shallow breathing.

Mommy’s memory and marshmallow treats

It was a normal day. All was going well. My sister-in-law and mother had come to help me for the day. They were mending and hemming shirts, dresses, and pants for the children when my Dad came downstairs where we were working and with a no-nonsense look on his face told Mom to come right away. “The way it looks, Grandma is having a stroke!”

Serve up stress-free summer sweets

I don’t know about you all, but for me doing lots of baking in this weather and heating up the house just doesn’t seem very practical. I’d rather cut down on baked goods rather than going to too much bother on a hot day. A few days ago I told Julia we really should find the recipe we used quite frequently a year ago. This no-bake recipe was in a children’s magazine and is simple enough for a young person to make. The best thing about it is that you don’t even need to use the oven! Julia’s aunt Keturah who is an amazing baker at 12 years old, is here for the day, so this may be a good time for them to make these tasty treats.

Islands in the stream

Hey, how about taking a moment and joining our family as we go back to the woods to gather some stones at the creek?

Gloria shakes things up

People have been so good to us. They’ve shown their support in more ways than I could count. As I think of what everyone has done for us, including you readers, I just feel so blessed and unworthy. There have been untold little things and big things done by friends and family to show support since we started doing foster care eight months ago.

Camping and kebabs

We’re actually settled into our new home, and yes, we love it! Okay, I can’t say that I don’t have some things that need to be organized yet, like the armoire for example. When my mom needed something in it, I told her, “Get it with your eyes shut!” Of course, she knew how I meant it, it simply takes time to get all these corners done.