A refreshing punch

We were all ready to go at seven o’clock Friday morning when the taxi driver pulled in the driveway. At last, all the clothes were sewn and pressed, the shoes were cleaned and polished, even the diaper bag was packed, and all five car seats were outside, ready to be buckled in for the short drive to where my sister Mary Grace was planning to get married. If you’re a mother, you know the efforts and satisfaction of getting everyone ready for an event as such. This time, my parents rented a gym and auditorium where the event was to be held.

A parfait for a summer day

Another busy afternoon is coming to a close in an hour from now as my family will be gathering to the dinner table expecting a hot meal.

Homemade pizza pockets for a home-school snack

My dream is coming to reality. What I used to consider a stark negative is now not only intriguing but exciting.

The Amish Cook: Yoder fostering a joyful journey

Hey, good news! The way it looks the adoption is going to happen before long! The adoption worker contacted us today wondering if she could come next Wednesday, which happens to be on Daniel’s birthday, and bring out a bunch of paperwork, medical history, and the likes. That news is enough to get everyone excited around here.

Yoder’s foster goodness

How about joining our family on a trip to Maryland? Yes, I know it’s a long haul, especially with five little ones, but you won’t get bored, and each part of the adventure will be quite eventful. When the idea first came up, I thought I couldn’t do it, but then, when God opens doors, what am I to say no?

Iced coffee cools a hot summer

These summer days are just prime for salads, from lettuce, tomatoes, and onions to cukes or radishes, they all get chopped up and tossed into a salad. Salads are a big part of our menus these days. At our house we chop and throw a little of practically anything; at my in-law’s house, all the salad topping are layered neatly on top of chopped lettuce. Either way, they taste relatively the same.

If you can’t stand the heat, try these no-bakes

I think we’re inching closer towards adoption, yet at times it doesn’t feel like it. We just found out that some paperwork got pushed back in the case worker’s office, and now the entire process has been delayed a couple of months. I admit that for me waiting for such an important event doesn’t come naturally, especially when it keeps being pushed out. But you know how it goes; you feel like kicking and squalling about it until you surrender, then all at once, you know it’s all for a reason!

The Amish Cook: A wedding means sweet treats

Can it be true? My little sister is getting married the day after tomorrow. Twenty-one years ago, I stood by my mother’s bedside in complete awe and wonder; I beheld her tiny face; it was my dream come true. I could hardly believe that Mary Grace was my very own sister. The first question that popped out of my mouth was, “Mom, may I hold her?”

Gloria’s sugar-free twist on a summer favorite

We’re home again. It was a great vacation — or do you call it a vacation while you have a full-time job of caring for five little darlings?

Answering your quesitons about the Amish

Editor’s Note: I really liked this column from Gloria, because she accurately illustrates the vast variety of views within the Amish church. As a general rule, there is a “spectrum” that on one end you have the most conservative Amish, the Nebraska (who don’t really live in Nebraska) Amish and the Swartzentruber Amish on one end and the New Order Amish Fellowship on the other (sometimes known as the New New Order Amish).