Melinda Myers: Brighten your home with a colorful cyclamen

Add some unique beauty to your indoor décor or give the gift of low maintenance splendor with the easy-care cyclamen. You’ll enjoy the colorful plain or ruffled white, pink, rose or lavender flowers that look like shooting stars hovering over heart shaped leaves with silvery highlights.

Fran’s Favorites: Grandkids in the kitchen

The days the grandkids come to my house to play are usually cooking days.

Look before you leap

Your experienced real estate agent will not write your home loan, but that’s who will probably be able to recommend a trusted local loan officer that they’ve dealt with in the past with great results. Knowing some of the nuts and bolts before you start your home search can help you find the right loan.

Do the math

After all your preparations and marketing efforts, what do you do when you get that first offer? Don’t jump for joy or wallow in disappointment until you’ve real all the terms. Price is just the beginning, and other contingencies will ultimately affect your bottom line.

The myth and reality of ‘buy low, sell high’

The goal of investors in the stock market is to buy low and sell high! The same philosophy can work when buying or selling a home too, but there is a difference.

You’ve got an offer on the table

You’ve analyzed home sales data provided by your trusted real estate agent. You’ve priced you home fairly based on those recent sales prices. You’re feeling good about your asking price. Now, however, you’re confronted by a solid offer at $6,000 less than you’d expected.

Holiday cheer arrives in West Milton

Cecilia Fox | Weekly Record Herald

A little goes a long way

You might be surprised to learn that the simpler the home renovation, the more likely you will be able to recoup your costs when you sell. Basic renovations should enhance your home’s “livability,” while avoiding over customization.

Be ready for anything

Whether you are buying or selling a home, you will probably encounter “the inspection.” This needn’t strike fear into the hearts of sellers, and it shouldn’t encourage buyers to look for minor issues.

How does that compute?

The growth of information technology in real estate has provided benefits to both agents and consumers. Not only are buyers and sellers better informed, but the real estate agents are also able to offer a higher level of service.