What a mess we have on our hands

I am writing this just a couple of days after the recent mass murders in both El Paso, Texas and Dayton. Although random massacres like this seem to be a weekly occurrence in our country, having two within a 24-hour period, with one virtually in our backyard, seemed to be a particularly intense punch to the gut. Probably in part because they occurred so close in time to one another, they seemed to generate a much more intense and universal call for action from lawmakers to do something in an attempt to address this mess.

Reader praises orthopedic surgeon

To the Editor:

Committed to a bipartisan solution to border crisis

It should be clear to all Americans by now that there is a very real crisis occurring at our southern border. It’s an immigration crisis, with over 100,000 border crossings per month and unprecedented numbers of families with children.

Protecting victims of human trafficking

Ohio knows all too well that human trafficking isn’t a problem from the distant past, or one found only in countries across the world — Ohioans are being bought and sold in our own backyards.

Bearing witness at the border

Last week, Connie and I traveled to El Paso, Texas, on our southern border, to bear witness to this humanitarian crisis. We met with children and families who are coming to our country to flee violence and persecution, seeking a better life.

Is your child experiencing the summer slide?

July seems to be an appropriate month to write about what we in education call “the summer slide.” This term refers to the widely held perception that during the summer students lose a rather substantial amount of the knowledge they accumulated throughout the school year. While this phenomenon refers to loss of skills in both reading and math, this article will focus on reading, since it garners the most attention and is the area on which many summer programs focus.

Fighting for health care for every Ohioan

Last week, a federal court heard arguments in a case supported by the Trump Administration that threatens the health coverage of 20 million Americans and undermines protections for pre-existing conditions.