Time to stop allowing circuses in town

To the Editor:

It Happened Years Ago: The travels of a family treasure

I have long been fascinated by old clocks, especially the old pendulum type. It doesn’t matter if it is a “Grandfather Clock,” mantel clock, or a wall clock, I enjoy the styles, the look and the action of them all. There has always been something calming for me about the quiet “tick-tock” in the background while I am reading, writing, or even paying bills.

Jim McGuire: October’s call

Late-October always has the capacity to toll me away from such trivial matters as pending work and scheduled appointments. And I’ll be the first to admit I’m unabashedly easy when it comes to shirking these duties.

Mom’s advice about getting older

By Christina Ryan Claypool

Glenn Mollette: We all face our barriers, but yes, nothing’s impossible

A lot of us are faced with the impossible. We may have what seems to be impossible debts, physical illnesses, human relationships and vocational pressures.

GOP doesn’t deserve to survive

To the Editor:

Team has some leassons to be learned

To the Editor:

Rx costs for Medicare can be lower

By Sue Roy