A historic week for US trade, American workers

Last week, I participated in a roundtable at Fecon, an agricultural equipment manufacturer in Southwest Ohio. Our discussion included some of the biggest issues affecting Ohio business owners, farmers, and employees, including tax reform, workforce development, and the international trade agenda.

The status quo: My view from Washington

Status quo is a Latin phrase meaning the “existing state of affairs.” I ran for Congress to change “the existing state of affairs” in Washington. Before starting this journey, I spent the previous fifteen years building manufacturing businesses across Ohio’s 8th district. We were over-regulated and over-taxed, and increasingly, I grew frustrated with politicians kicking the can down the road on a variety of issues.

Smelly — and costly — start to new year

We have an expression in our house; “It’s an onion.” When you live in a 200+ year-old house, problems frequently arise and just like an onion, there are always layers to every home repair issue. Even when you think it’s going to be simple, there’s always some hidden issue that arises when you begin to fix it. That’s why “it’s an onion” came into being as our code for “they found insects under that board,” or “when digging for the fence, we hit a gas line,” or “the wiring behind that outlet was completely frayed and sparking.”

Remembering those history has forgotten

On Nov. 28, 1929, Chicago Cardinals fullback Ernie Nevers set a National Football Record that will more than likely never be broken. In a game played in the Windy City, Nevers scored all forty points the Cardinals would have in a victory over their cross-town rivals, the Chicago Bears. The games was a bright spot in the Cardinals 1929 campaign where they went 6-6-1.

Patrick D. Kennedy: Miami County’s history with tornadoes

Troy has been very blessed over the years. Yes, the community has had numerous homegrown business and industry ventures prosper and several philanthropic-minded individuals who have voluntarily reinvested into the community and helped to enrich many lives. These things are known and rightfully celebrated, but it is not what I am referring to this time.

EV tax credit falls short

By Steve Bruns

A tribute to a very special woman

All of us have come in contact with certain individuals, and, if we are lucky, many individuals, who have enriched our lives simply by being in their presence. After all, none of us have enjoyed whatever successes we have achieved without help from others.

Patrick D. Kennedy: Reminiscing about Heywood days

It seems so funny to me that here I am, as a young person (at least in my mind), that I should be writing a column about my memories of things that happened in the 1970s. Perhaps some of you are in the same boat. One begins to remember your old school days and “Bam,” just like that, it was 40-plus years ago. As it is, here I am reminiscing again.

Jim McGuire: Winter drives

Recently, my wife and I drove to a favorite small-town eatery for supper. The restaurant is located near the Indiana border, an hour or so northwest.