Calculating student absences

Last week, I wrote about the importance of regular school attendance. This week, I would like to update the community on a law passed by legislatures in December 2016 that impacts how student absences are calculated. H.B. 410 supports a preventative approach to excessive student absences and tardiness. It also required local Boards of Education throughout Ohio to update attendance policies to align with the requirements for student attendance outlined in H.B. 410. One of the most significant changes is that student absences are now calculated by hours, not days. This means every hour a student is not in school is tracked, including tardiness.

School staff busy in summer months

Even though it is summer and school is out, our staff members continue to work very hard wrapping up one school year and preparing for the next school year. Once school is over and students have gone home for the summer break, our staff members begin the task of cleaning out classrooms, packing up materials and supplies, moving furniture, and removing decorations and student work from walls and bulletin boards. Our classrooms, schools, and other facilities are then cleaned from top to bottom.

Reading is a human right

Children and adults in all countries around the globe deserve to be able to read. Literacy is a fundamental human right.

Winteregg will work for Ohio

To the Editor:

Empowering workers in the face of increased automation

As technology evolves, we need to make sure our workers are growing with it.

Fake news at its finest

In the interest of full disclosure, I have not looked at any of the state’s recently released school district report cards. In fact, I haven’t looked at them for years, because the information they contain is not worth the paper on which they are written.

Fear and loathing in American medicine

Through the years, angst and ego has cultivated a culture in the practice of medicine that created siloed work environments and logistical nightmares for patients. We in the healthcare industry are quick to call attention to patient non-adherence with handling their health, however, we rarely offer up the fact that the root of the issue might be the patient’s doctor, nurse, pharmacist, etc. are not collaborating well. Perhaps non-compliance has more to do with the provider than the patient.

Forty years of caring: Family Abuse Shelter of Miami County

People are constantly asking for our money to support worthy causes. So, who on earth do we give to? Often, we donate our hard-earned cash to a cause that has somehow impacted our life in a personal way.