Relief for Ohio’s small businesses

As we all know, small businesses serve as the economic engines that drive communities across our state. Their success is Ohio’s success, and we must never fail to support them.

Mobilizing manufacturers to fight coronavirus

This crisis is different from anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes. It’s going to take a sustained response over many months to slow the spread of the coronavirus, save lives, and make sure people can get back on their feet.

What are we to believe?

Crises like the coronavirus pandemic can have value if we learn something from them, and if we change the way we operate as a result of our newfound wisdom. For example, hopefully, we are now well aware of how unwise it is to rely on China for so many of our goods, especially in the field of medicine.

A new normal

We wake up now and within seconds realize that our lives are vastly different from what they were last month. We are baffled. Do we need to hurry and get breakfast? Are the clothes we think we will wear appropriate for the day’s activities? What do our planners reveal about the day’s agenda?

Jim McGuire: April is here

Hooray! April is here—the first full month of spring’s dazzling green rush. Good news for us outdoor types, and I pray a welcome dose of natural encouragement for everyone wallowing amid the weight of these troubled and uncertain times.

Stay home, my loved one is a nurse

I’ve lost track of what day it is.

Guess What’s New in Reading?

ENGLEWOOD — With many of us staying in our homes and others who still go to work, we’re all under the outbreak of the vicious coronavirus. When will it end? We still don’t know. But I thought it might be a good time to pick up a good book to read. Lately, there are some excellent bestsellers that will soon be made into movies. Most people like to read the book first before it hits the big screen even though the films sometimes don’t do our books justice. But then sometimes they do. Here are a few for you to think about.

Are you under the lion’s paw?

How does it feel to be under the lion’s paw? Are you feeling frightened, depressed, angry, powerless, hopeless? Many of us are experiencing those same emotions as we struggle with this virus and the multiple changes in our lives.

Surviving self-isolation

Within hours of the coronavirus having an impact on our society (school closings, business closings, social self-isolation), the internet became inundated with ideas for how to survive this time. First let me say that I know we will survive this time, and I pray that everyone gets through it with no deaths in our area.

Jim McGuire: Riffin’ robin sings of spring

The morning was mild and wonderfully sunny, the sky a vast streaked canopy of gleaming blue with luminous clouds. White trunks on the big sycamores along the river gleamed.