Mom, you’re missing out on all the ‘fun’

Today marks the first holiday I’ve ever had to spend without my mother since her passing and it’s left me wondering one thing … did she leave this Earth to avoid coloring and hiding Easter eggs?

Investing in apprenticeships that lead to good jobs

At a time when hard work isn’t paying off for too many Americans, apprenticeship partnerships are the kinds of innovative programs we need to show students all the available career options, and help put them on a path toward good-paying jobs.

Parking lots among the menacing places of world

According to, the three most dangerous places in the world are streets in, respectively, Brazil, Mexico, and Michigan. Those places have specific threats, just as there are risks to swimming in the Everglades or getting lost in a desert.

I will never say never (again)

You would have though, after 45 years of consistently being proven wrong on a nearly daily basis, I would have learned to “never say never.”

Thought police — oops, Medicare — for all

The new Medicare for All bill (H.R. 1384) has come and hopefully will go the way of the pet rock. Everybody now knows the basics: the government will take care of all medical, dental, vision, pharmacy, and long-term care services with no out-of-pocket expenses. The bill prohibits parallel private insurance, and has the glaring absence of a financing mechanism.

Making the grade from two perspectives

How important are college grades? Is it how much money your family has, how much in demand your profession is, what political clout you exercise, what your graduate school plans are? Or are grades a measure of what you have learned for whatever reason?

The bats are back

Bat forever. The dark bird rises. Yes, we have a large, brown squatter in our home. Despite our best efforts — and the efforts of an excellent wildlife removal team — one incredibly persistent bat has decided our home is the best place for him.

Reading is a human right

Children and adults in all countries around the globe deserve to be able to read. Literacy is a fundamental human right.

A little friendly competition

March Madness struck our house, as it does in many households across our nation. For many decades, Matt and I have had a contest of sorts between the two of us. We complete an NCAA bracket for each of the 64 (and of late, 68) teams which compete in the annual college basketball championship tournament.

Make use of Wayne Guidance page

If you are a student or the parent of a student attending Wayne High School, you want to become familiar with the resources available on the Wayne High School Guidance Department webpage. In addition to the 2019 - 2020 Program of Studies that I wrote about several weeks ago, there are many other sources of information for both parents and students.