Prioritize repairs, maximize payback

Time to sell your home? You’ll find there are many considerations when deciding on the asking price. Your trusted real estate professional will provide you with information regarding the current market, what similar homes are selling for, and at what prices homes in your area are not selling. These homes that are just sitting on the market getting stale and shop worn. However, your agent won’t decide the asking price. Your agent will give you guidance, but you will choose the price. Then your agent will decide if they are willing to spend their time and money on marketing the property at that price.

Column: Expanding overtime pay for Ohio Workers

Nearly three years ago, I stood in Columbus to announce that the Obama administration was going to finally raise the salary threshold to earn overtime pay and make millions more workers eligible.

Commentary: Likability: don’t underestimate it

Likability has become an even more important trait today as we see the president of the United States hurling abusive insults at nearly everyone — near and far.

How to certify your pre-owned home

If you’re looking for a competitive edge in the sale of your home, your real estate agent may have an unexpected suggestion. Although many sellers assume that it is the responsibility of the buyers to pay for an inspection, having one performed when you list your home can go a long way towards attracting a great offer from confident buyers.

Thinking about Father’s Day

Who is teaching American boys how to be fathers? Is it a part of secondary school curricula? Do they observe their own fathers and make decisions about what is appropriate? Do they read research to determine approaches that are likely to be successful? Does their religion specify the role of fathers?

So long, and thanks for reading

In this newspaper, on these pages, I’ve written about some of my most difficult moments in life.

Home warranty offers buyers piece of mind

Do you want to add to the appeal of your home when selling? Aside from basic mechanical or cosmetic repairs your home may need before you get it on the market, there’s one other easy and inexpensive way to make buyers feel good about purchasing your home. It’s called a “home warranty,” and for years it’s been a popular marketing tool, especially for older homes.

Some ‘berry’ (and not-so-berry) fond memories of the festival

When it comes to the Strawberry Festival, there are many longtime Troy residents who would just as soon atomize it as patronize it.

Suicide: All the reasons why not

“Why” is the question we are haunted by when someone we love takes their life. Netflix picked up on this quandary and created the series, “13 Reasons Why,” about a teenage girl’s decision to complete suicide. She leaves her tragic story behind on cassette tapes implicating others for her fatal action. The teen drama was released on March 31, 2017, and has been renewed for its third season to air sometime later this year.

Congratulations, graduates … here’s some unsolicited advice

Congratulations, graduating class of 2019: