Jim McGuire: December’s end and beginning

We’re already halfway through December. Another year is fast coming to a close.

Support for the county’s public schools

A piece of important education legislation was added in the late stages of the current biennium budget.

Sherrod Brown: Protecting Ohioans with preexisting conditions

A safe, stable home is the foundation for opportunity — without it, it can be hard to hold down a job, pursue a degree, and to build a life.

Partners in care — for everyone

By Jack Hershey and Mike Abrams

Rob Portman: Let’s pass USMCA and help Ohio’s economy grow

Most Ohioans can get access to a steady, fast internet connection at work or home. Unfortunately, for Ohioans living outside our big urban areas, broadband access can be hard to come by. This lack of access creates problems every day.

Just the facts, ma’am

I write articles on education policy development primarily to expose the political shenanigans involved in creating laws governing education and to inform readers about what we know to be true about what children need to become successful. My hope is that what I write will generate discussions among readers about what is and is not true about how children develop and what they need from us, which is something you certainly can’t get from the political establishment.

Jim McGuire: December brings change

December is here! And like several of its fellow months in our annual cycle, one of those pivotal months with multiple transitions.

At least they’re consistent

The one thing you can say about both state and federal politicians and their appointees when it comes to education reform is that they are consistent. They are consistently wrong, but they are consistent.

Guess What’s New in Reading?

ENGLEWOOD — It’s the 12th month of the year, which means the winter solstice harbors the beginning of winter. That’s right, December is upon us, and it has a lot to offer as it ushers in the holidays with a flurry of activity. It’s also time to cozy up to some good books as the snow falls, and also time to celebrate some of our Ohio authors. Here are five that are worth a look.

Hear the bell, fill the buckets

By Jerald L. Duff, Ph.D.