Jim McGuire: My hearth axe

I keep three tools on the hearth beside the woodstove. Along with the usual poker and ash shovel, there’s a short-handled hewing axe. I use it to split any oversize piece of kindling into smaller, easier-to-ignite sticks when laying a new fire.

Patrick D. Kennedy: Heritage preserved at Johnston Farm

We are fortunate in our county to have a great heritage. We have events and people of historic significance that are part of our county history. Along with this, we have had many people in the past who took time to preserve or set off and mark historic locations In Miami County.

Thanks for verifying the facts

I appreciate Representative Steve Huffman’s response to my article on the school choice scam perpetrated on Ohioans by the Ohio Legislature. He employed many time-honored political strategies in his response. He ignored a very important point in my article, made misleading and incorrect statements, and insulted a constituent (me) who dared disagree with his position on using tax dollars to fund private schools.

His rights are our rights

As a retiree, I was free to watch virtually all of the Trump impeachment debacle and its aftermath. Watching the supposed leaders from both parties behave in such a juvenile, self-serving, partisan manner has been, frankly, disgusting. Not surprising, but disgusting.

Making it easier to afford a home

Right now, many Ohioans are struggling to make ends meet. Even people with supposedly-middle-class jobs don’t feel stable. Wages have barely budged, and the cost of everything is up — higher education, health care, child care, and — critically — housing. We are in the midst of an affordable housing crisis in Ohio, and across the country.

Technology — 1, Sue — 0

If you have read my columns for a while, you are familiar with my ongoing war with technology. Sadly, I lose many, if not most, skirmishes and am always grateful that our son can set me straight on proper usage.

Protecting victims of human trafficking

In January we mark National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month — a reminder that modern-day slavery is all too real, and it’s happening in our own backyards. And tragically, the addiction crisis is also giving human traffickers another tool to use to exploit victims.

Jim McGuire: Signs and seasons

February has long been viewed as winter’s midpoint. “We’ve crossed the hump,” an old uncle of mine liked to say—usually about the time the groundhog was being consulted for a vernal prediction.

Larry Hamilton: It’s time to understand before becoming understood

How ironic is it that nearly three decades ago I began a commentary that referenced a mindset of some local residents which suggested a need to prioritize, stand down, and salute the heroism of a William H. Pitsenbarger who was more entitled to be “finally getting due recognition.”

The love story lie

It’s hard to believe it’s been 50 years since the classic movie, “Love Story” first hit the silver screen in 1970. If you’re a boomer or beyond, you are probably familiar with the film’s storyline. “Oliver Barrett IV (Ryan O’Neal) the heir of an American upper-class East Coast family is attending Harvard College where he plays hockey. He meets Jennifer “Jenny” Cavilleri, (Ali McGraw), a quick-witted, working-class Radcliffe College student of classical music, they quickly fall in love despite their differences,” according to Wikepedia.org.