Savoring late summer

August’s final days showcase a season in the midst of change. Just take a moment to look around around any nearby meadow, prairie, or rural fencerow. The overall dress of these unassuming landscapes is neither altogether summer nor quite yet autumn. Rather a bit of both—like the blurred mix of colors on a spinning pinwheel.

August moves along

The great celestial clock is forever ticking—days and weeks spending themselves, one after another, in steady unspooling.

Summer moves along

On a recent morning, I sat on a makeshift bench a short distance from a familiar roadside pullout. The spot is located not too far from the little village of Gettysburg.

ODNR closes Operation North Coast case

COLUMBUS – The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) has closed the adjudication phase of what has become the largest case in the 146-year history of the ODNR Division of Wildlife.

Safety tips to prevent falls this autumn

By Michelle Francisco

The seasons change

Last night’s passing equinox carried us into the start of a brand new season. Autumn became official — even if much of our recent weather hasn’t felt all that different from the weather we enjoyed at the month’s beginning.

The color is coming

I’m a seeing-is-believing type fellow. Not overly suspicious. But when considering certain things, I do often wait for proof before accepting that whatever is being proclaimed is actually true.

Beckoning, bewitching October

Poets have long recognized October’s alluring magic.

Enigmatic November arrives

November’s name comes from “novem”— Latin for nine. The earliest version of the Roman calendar, created under Romulus in 753 BC, had only ten designated months in its annual cycle. Some months were named for Greek or Roman gods and goddesses, while others were simply designated by their placement in the series. November was the ninth month.