The Amish Cook: Yoders host butchering event

We are having a blessed, busy week. Daniel’s parents from the Amish community in Danville, Ohio, came for a visit last week and have now spent the weekend with us. What is more special than a visit from grandparents, whether living near or far? Much to the children’s delight, Grandma came with books for each of them. It’s like I told Grandpa this morning, “Only God knows how many stories he and grandma have read to them the last couple days!”

The Amish Cook: Gloria goes bananas

Okay, this week, you’ll be joining Julia as she tackles one of her favorite hobbies, baking. A while ago, we received a recipe from a dear friend and reader from Lebanon Ohio, Auntie Norma, as we call her. She had sent a banana cake recipe and suggested that Julia would try making it. Since I’ve been homeschooling Julia, her times in the kitchen have been a bit sparse; nonetheless, a few weeks ago, when several bananas were getting to be overripe, I suggested that she makes a cake using them. For some reason, I’ve always thought of banana cakes as a bit dry and boring, yet Norma had written how very much she likes the recipe, so I wanted to give it at least a try.

The Amish Cook: Making last-minute tortilla wedges

You may or may not want to join us on last night’s adventures. I was deep into my first sleep when I was awakened by a little voice calling me from down the hallway. It was Jesse. After soothing him, I flopped back into our cozy warm bed, itching for a good night before dawn. Moments later, there was another, “Mama!” followed by another call then another. This time it was Austin, and I immediately knew that it was something out of the ordinary and that there was a stomach bug going around. As I came to his aid, Elijah’s desperate cry met my ears. Daddy took care of him.

The Amish Cook: Mixing up an Amish wedding salad

Thinking about what I am going to fill you in on this week brought to mind the dearest person to me on earth. Meet my husband Daniel Yoder! I got to know him 14 years ago and was immediately impressed with his easy-going personality and Godly character. To this day, I’m still impressed, and yes, I’m in love; yet how unspeakable are the many changes that have taken place since then. You know they say you spend the most time with the things that mean the most to you, but I’m not so sure about it in this case — that is unless you count the hours you’re sound asleep!

The Amish Cook: Flocking to the Yoders’

Good morning from the Yoders’ quiet house. Ya, all is quiet for once. Silence is something I rarely get to “hear” these days. Too much of it would undoubtedly be boring, but in this season of life, that is not on my list of worries. The opposite is true. With a house full of little ones, it is a constant effort to keep everyone occupied, allowing plenty of action and even noise that was meant for children to enjoy, yet monitoring it enough to keep it from getting out of hand. That reminds me of the sweetest little boy who once stepped into our living room with his dear adoptive parents. Taking everything in with his big dark yet innocent eyes, he asked, “Is this an orphanage?” Ah, bless his sweetest heart. He has no idea how much the thought of an orphanage has been my dream. (Though I confess, since we have given two little ones a home, I may have a bit more of a glimpse of the “real” side of an orphanage, filled with hurt little hearts.) Let me hasten to add, though, that we are thrilled to reach out to as many hurting hearts as God calls and enables us to.

The Amish Cook: Two of Gloria’s favorite recipes

EDITOR’S NOTE: Gloria took a much-deserved week off for the holiday, so we are sharing a few favorite recipes of her’s (and readers) this week, and she will return next week.

The Amish Cook: Gloria’s festive baked pretzels

This week, Julia and I would like to share some of her adventures on school projects with her friends, including old fashioned noodle making at Uncle Vernon’s.

The Amish Cook: Gloria shares Christmas candy recipes

Editor’s note: Gloria Yoder took off time for the holidays, but she will return next week.