The Amish Cook: Daniel’s relationship recipe

EDITOR’S NOTE: Gloria’s husband Daniel wrote the column this week and it’s a rarity, no food recipe, but it just seemed appropriate. Gloria will return next week.

The Amish Cook: Gloria’s potato salad

I don’t recall ever before relishing so much those first warm sunny days of spring. After wiping so many tears from little boys who wanted to play outside when it was simply not practical to spend hours in freezing temperatures, we won’t take beautiful weather for granted right away. A couple of weeks ago, one Sunday afternoon, Daddy suggested that we build a little fire in the back yard and roast hot dogs and hamburgers, topped off with roasting marshmallows for s’ mores. We were all tickled pink. The wind was a bit chilly, so he set up a piece of plywood to ward off at least most of the wind. As we sat together enjoying the fire, I told him that I could feel the chill of winter melting out of me; for me, there is nothing like a cozy crackling fire to relax and unwind. When I was a young girl, I especially enjoyed times with God, next to a fire. Somehow it just felt like God was right there — no doubt He was, but we don’t always feel it as a reality.

The Amish Cook: Gloria’s chocolate pies

Okay, here we go with part two. A week ago, we chatted a bit about the Amish way of life and covered some interesting questions some of you have had. Rita, from Lehman Pa., also remarked how children are a gift from God and that it stands out to her that we can care for them while a loving home is not the story in all foster homes. Now, if you know me, you know that not only roses grow at our house, we are blessed with thorns, too. I say blessed, because without them I know I’d become very self-centered, or perhaps I should say more self-centered. Rita, you asked how I manage without losing my temper.

The Amish Cook: Gloria’s potato salad

I received several letters from readers with questions that got my mind spinning. Let’s each grab a cup of tea (okay, you can have your coffee if you wish) and chat over steaming mugs.

The Amish Cook: Gloria’s heart-warming chicken noodle soup

Good morning from our house to yours. I’ll tell you what, since the last time I came in touch with you, lots has happened; some great and some frankly didn’t feel like it had a stitch good. But then, you know how God uses the worst things to bring the most blessings in the end.

The Amish Cook: Gloria’s deluxe scrambled eggs, taco pizza

EDITOR’S NOTE: Gloria’s family has been battling winter illnesses, so she will be taking this week off. Here are two fan favorite recipes of Gloria’s.

The Amish Cook: Gloria shares Grandma’s creamy noodles

Time keeps marching faster than I can keep up with. I can hardly believe that I’m almost halfway through my waiting period for our little darling, who is due in July. As of now, we don’t know whether it’ll be a boy or girl, but then what does it matter, either way, we love him or her to pieces. It’s like I told my cousin the other day; even if this is child number six, I have never before been more in love with my unborn child.

The Amish Cook: Yoders host butchering event

We are having a blessed, busy week. Daniel’s parents from the Amish community in Danville, Ohio, came for a visit last week and have now spent the weekend with us. What is more special than a visit from grandparents, whether living near or far? Much to the children’s delight, Grandma came with books for each of them. It’s like I told Grandpa this morning, “Only God knows how many stories he and grandma have read to them the last couple days!”

The Amish Cook: Gloria goes bananas

Okay, this week, you’ll be joining Julia as she tackles one of her favorite hobbies, baking. A while ago, we received a recipe from a dear friend and reader from Lebanon Ohio, Auntie Norma, as we call her. She had sent a banana cake recipe and suggested that Julia would try making it. Since I’ve been homeschooling Julia, her times in the kitchen have been a bit sparse; nonetheless, a few weeks ago, when several bananas were getting to be overripe, I suggested that she makes a cake using them. For some reason, I’ve always thought of banana cakes as a bit dry and boring, yet Norma had written how very much she likes the recipe, so I wanted to give it at least a try.

The Amish Cook: Making last-minute tortilla wedges

You may or may not want to join us on last night’s adventures. I was deep into my first sleep when I was awakened by a little voice calling me from down the hallway. It was Jesse. After soothing him, I flopped back into our cozy warm bed, itching for a good night before dawn. Moments later, there was another, “Mama!” followed by another call then another. This time it was Austin, and I immediately knew that it was something out of the ordinary and that there was a stomach bug going around. As I came to his aid, Elijah’s desperate cry met my ears. Daddy took care of him.