Man charged with kidnapping, assault


WEST MILTON — A West Milton man was incarcerated Tuesday evening on charges of kidnapping, felonious assault, and domestic violence after allegedly assaulting an adult victim and then restraining the victim on the floor against her will.

David W. Jergens, 38, of West Milton, was arraigned on charges of first-degree felony kidnapping, first-degree felonious assault, and fourth-degree felony domestic violence in Miami County Municipal Court on Wednesday.

According to Miami County Municipal Court records, Jergens is accused of choking an adult female family member following an argument at a residence on Woods Drive in West Milton on Tuesday evening. Jergens then reportedly struck the victim on the side of her face with a dowel road that was approximately 1 inch in diameter and 3 feet in length.

Jergens was also accused of using “threats of further physical harm” to restrain the victim and prevent her from getting off the floor for approximately an hour. Jergens reportedly stood over her “in a threatening manner holding the wooden rod,” according to court records. The victim reported she “wanted to get up but was afraid David (Jergens) would hit her again with the rod he had.”

Jergens eventually allowed the victim to retrieve an ice pack for her face and look at her injuries. The victim then went to the West Milton Police Station at approximately 5:20 p.m., where a medic responded and transported the victim to Upper Valley Medical Center for treatment of her injuries.

When questioned by police, Jergens claimed his actions were in self defense, saying the victim struck him in the lower back. An officer noted that Jergens’ account of the incident was “disjointed and hard to follow.” Police took Jergens into custody and took Jergens to Miami Valley North to undergo a psychological evaluation.

Jergens was incarcerated into the Miami County Jail at approximately 9:50 p.m. Tuesday. Jergens is continuing to be held in the jail on a total bond of $150,000.

A preliminary hearing for Jergens is scheduled for Sept. 5.