‘Pond to Plate’ event set for this weekend

TROY — The first annual Buckeye Surf & Turf Pond to Plate event will be held this weekend, Oct. 12 and 13, from noon to 6 p.m., at Fulton Farms.

Buckeye Surf & Turf, a sustainable agriculture company, is operated by Josh Fulton, of Troy, and Jared Black, of Brookville. BS&T offers a variety of services, with a large focus on sustainable agriculture production of yellow perch.

Black said he hopes this weekend’s event will help spread the word about what the company offers.

“The event is free of charge, we just want the public to see what we’re doing. On Saturday morning, we’re going to be netting the pond and people can watch that,” he said. “We’ll also have two professional fish-cutters there, so people will be able to buy fresh fish fillets; we’ll be frying fish for people to sit down and eat, and we’ll be talking to people about Buckeye Surf & Turf and what we do.”

BS&T boasts a “completely vertically integrated” method of operation, handling each stage of the product, from egg to finished fillet.

“We’ve got a fish nursery in Brookville where the (yellow perch) eggs are hatched, and once they’re about 1-inch long, we feed-train them to eat pelleted fish meal,” Black said. “Then they’re transferred to the pond, where they’re able to eat food naturally found there while also eating the fish meal.

“The fish that are ready to harvest now began as eggs that were born in 2018 and are now full-grown,” he continued. “This is the first year for an actual harvest, but from here on out we’ll have ponds on rotation. We’ve already purchased the equipment and have a total of 7.5 acres to work with at the location of the current pond.”

The pond, located directly across the street from Fulton Farms at 2393 S. State Route 202, was built by Black and Fulton earlier this year after purchasing the 7.5 acres of land from the Fulton family.

BS&T is part of the Ohio Aquaculture Association and also offers labor services, including pond construction, general construction, excavation, concrete, paver patios, retaining walls, and elite water features like waterfalls and creeks.

A second Pond to Plate event will be held next weekend, Oct. 19 and 20, from noon to 6 p.m.

For more information, visit Buckeye Surf & Turf on Facebook, or to speak to Black or Fulton directly, call 937-875-0194.